Sabtu, 28 Januari 2012

Lunar year

hello Loly?!!!
how's day? fine right? These days the weather is very terrible... rain, bright, drizzle, with heavy wind...
Maybe the water dragon was awake from the sleep :)
How's about your lunar year friends? i hope full of joy and love. This day is perfect to gathering with our's family. because in China, they off from their work only for this day, and then they celebrate the Lunar Year with pray for fortune, meet our's big family and watching the lion dance and fireworks at the night.

i hope for this year full of peace for a human life,, more trees.. more happiness, prosperity.. and for me, i can focus for my reach dream, my passion and have more courage to struggle my decision :D
The Lord has promised good to me ..

i think, i will write about small things make me happy in my life ( hope this year i can found moreee..) :
  • wake up in the morning and take a deep breath for the fresh air
  • bycycling or Daici with my father
  • making something new about handycraft
  • crocheting
  • drawing
  • watching movie with Denny
  • looking my mom's chat with Denny
  • eating Mi Sumatra & Mi Tite gang pinggir with Denny
  • color pencil and water color
  • rain smells 
  • watching Korean Drama with my mom
  • listening music with my brother
  • various yarn
  • my mom's cook
  • sleeping in my grandma's bed
  • blogging & googling
  • reading magazine
  • reading books in Gramedia
  • karaobic with Arga, Dopi and Hellen
  • playing with my cats and turtles
  • see lolypop candy in mall
  • arumanis (what the english?)
  • drink soybean milk made from my grandma :D
  • eating banana godog from my Dad
  • chit-chat with Ketty
  • chit-chat with Daddy
  • wear twin clothes with Denny or my sister/ brother
  • chocolate and ice cream
  • steak and spaghetti
  • rainbow, stars
  • eating bakcang from my aunt
  • playing with Tia
  • working and productive
  • anything about pink combination... pink-green, pink-grey,pink-brown,pink-yellow in bag, clothes, books,etc
  • colorfull hairclip
  • sillhoutte of cat
  • joke and laugh 
  • and last.. i'm very happy if someone smile and laugh with me. It can make we happy together ; D

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