Senin, 13 Februari 2012

Popcorn & Pudding

Left is little salty taste; Right is barberque taste
Hello loly?! how about your week end? I hope your week end full of happiness :D
This PopCorn make by my sister Alisya..
The ingredients are Corn, butter and some little salt..
To make it first u must prepare a pot. Then heat the pot and pour some butter untill melt.
Next, pour the corn, pour little salt ( if you like salty taste) and close the pot. Wait untill you hear "POW POW". Only 5 - 10 minutes. Don't to be long, because can make burnt at the bottom. If you can't hear "POW" again, it is well done :D. if you want to another taste, buy bbq / cheese / chilli seasoning in the grocery store.
It's so easy.. and lets make it for your family / friend / boyfriend.

Left : Strawberry Pudding top and chocolate on bottom;
Right : Vanila Milk with strawberry pudding & topping.
And there are pudding.. made by my brother Alvin.
Pudding made by order, this pudding ordered by his friend. It's secret recipe (because i don't know how he make it, when i asked him, he didn't explain me :D,, he wants me to buy :) hahahaha). But the taste is very good at all !
Sweet and Sour. And his friend was happy when received the pudding!
if you want to order, please contact him via Facebook. But, it's still serve for Semarang only.

Last week.. my feeling was very happy, and I always say thanks to God with his blessings. ;D
Time running so fast. Now is middle of Februari. hmmm I must have a good management especially for time :). Yes I CAN DO IT!

"if you have a big dream, you will get a big chance,
a big moment in your life, start from a big dream!
so let's make a dream! then pour some passion, and pray to God.
Make it happen guys!"


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