Kamis, 01 Maret 2012

Full of Love

have a new family ! Welcome mbeeekkk....
sweet candies that i love. Thanks Daddy :)
1 kilos of silverqueen chunky bar
My grandma & the next generation :D
Hello Dear,,
how's your life?
I share my photos in month of love, February :) My february was full of love. Thank's God ;)
Time passed quickly, now We in March 1st. I have many things to do...  Yesterday, I should replaced my friend who will having baby on 13th March. Congratulations!
I hope your childbirth are well and your son will be Healthy :D

I got the award from Mrs. Pinkan from Pink's. Thanks for choosen me :)
and There are 7 random things about yourself:
1. I like eating ginger, orange peel, asem sweets
2. I like wacthing Lee Min Hoo in City Hunter
3. I like seeing architecture magazine and read the story about this
4. I like listening Korean and English songs
5. I like eating an apple with blogging
6. I like my Mashimaro dolls hahahahahhahaa :P
7. I like kidding with all people :D

I write this blog with listening Adele - Someone Like You, Domino - Brian Joo, Amazing Grace - Il Divo, Blue English Cover - JD Relic.. I can't sleep because i was sleeping 3 hours after i was dinner. hahahaha... Thanks for reading :D

"I was lost but now I'm found,
I was blind but now I see, It's amazing Grace!"


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