Sabtu, 10 Maret 2012

Zoe in fairy tale 3D Frame

Hello Zoe! Meet the lovely Zoe in the fantasy world.
This is 3d Photo Frame. The frame tell about Zoe as a little girl is happy because she has more friends,
some little flower sing for her and some papillon flying to dance with Zoe :)
A little rabbit still hiding on the basket with full of ballon. She wait Zoe to find her. Zoe likes playing in the secret garden on fantasy world.

Do you have any photos with lot of story? Described in 3D photo frame ;)

if u want to request,, i will help u to make it happen ^^
for order and product inquiry just text me or via WhatsApp   +628180 5996 333  
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3 komentar:

  1. Bagus sekali foto framenya. Cantik.

  2. So pretty! And what a great idea. Thanks so much for you nice comment on my new Lunch Clutch pattern. Encouragement is always appreciated. Wishing you a happy week Nanachan. :)

  3. Good idea, sangat rapi dan cantik banget.. good luck.. :)