Senin, 09 April 2012


I went with my lil sister, Alis in left, Arga, me and Dopi.
You must try taken photo on the escalator :D

We wear short :) 

Hotpink shirt is gift from Them. :) Thanks
Hello Loly!
What's your day? In Semarang always cloudly and drizzle... Today i feeling very tired and sleepy...I  very annoying because someone always disturbing me. Grrr....
I want go to the somewhere that someone can't find me.... Hahahahahaha.... may be go to the village with the bamboo, waterfall, wind and owl... and may be i can meet some panda or bear like Winnie the Pooh. hahahahha.... *just dreaming...
Yesterday, I was going to Paragon city with Arga and Dopi... When we met them, we always laughing and ignored around us... :P OMG...

Dopi handmade :) woww!!!! 
The good news, Now, Dopi learn crocheting and there are the result. A pouch and little flower. wowww!!! Dopi learn from Youtube... hahahaha... Keep crocheting always Dop!! Let's visit my home and learn together :) ...with my mom ! hahahahahaha

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