Minggu, 01 April 2012


Today product is Standing Ribbon, material by satin fabric
Hello April....
woooo...... Today is April 1st, it's almost middle of the year. wooo... Good bye March! On March, I decided to release someone that very close on my heart. Hopefully that he can very happy with his life and he can reach his dream :) Sometimes i felt lonely when i went to somewhere i was going alone. But is more better because i can go to anywhere and meet anyone without any pressure.
Welcome April! welcome Apriliana!  hahahahahha :D hope You can share your smile and your spirit to anyone that you meet! *motivated my self! hehehehe... I choosen to dare have a dream and strive to make them come true.

Evelyn wear Topi Rajut Fall (Bennie Hat)

Meet Evelyn!
Evelyn is a young talented girl from Bogor indonesia. She likes fashion and she now following the "Pond's Make it Happens" Contest with Chesile -her gank with her best friend. So klik SweetPeppermintGirl Blog to know her. and help her to win the contest! Good luck Evelyn....

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  1. aih kak nana lucu pake cat eyes hehe

  2. cuteee! u come from semarang? me too dearrr nice to know u here:D checkout mine if u have a chance thankyou<3

    1. Hallo Danaa...... i love your blog and i link your blog ( see the left bar...) hoefully we can follow each other and keep n touch always

  3. voted.
    mind to follow each other?