Sabtu, 07 April 2012

Twenty Four

Mini tart from Daddy... hahahaha.. & white Rose from D.

Whooo.... Yesterday at April 3rd is my birthday,, Now i'm 24 years old... :D I'm very thankfull with everything, untill now I still healthy, have a lolypop :), have a big family :) and have a foster dad and mom :), have more friends :) and i have heart with lot of happines :)
In this year, I think God always bless me more and more :D
Hopefully in this year I can continue to bring happines to everyone :D.
Successfully in my carrier and can be useful for everyone :)
hahahhaa.. My birthday was fun and full of love. I can share with my family, my best friends, my friends in my office, my grandma, auntie, uncle, and my foster Dad and Mom :D.
Thankyou for loving me always :)

Eating Tuna Salad
Salmon Steak... Yummy ;P
I'm very thankfull with my Daddy and Mommy (hahahahaha ;P) for gave me special gift, dinner in my special birthday. This was special day for me!
This is my Grandma Stole, made by my Mom when she was teen

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  1. wah selamat ulang tahun mba nana^^
    semoga semua harapan dan mimipinya tercapai, sukses dan sehat selalu..

    Pokonya wish u all the best ^^