Kamis, 10 Mei 2012


First Day @Nomaden Market
Breakfast :D
brooch, amigurumi for gift, baby set, key chain, hp strap & hair accessories
Thanks for my cousin :D
Mini Desk printed in Primascan 
Thanks Buddies,, Tia :D
Thanks for visited! :D

me .... #Days 2 Nomaden Market 14 May,2012
@ night
photoboot :D
2 days on Nomaden Market Gourmet Resto & Cafe, 12 Singosari St. Semarang
Thanks for my lovely buddies Tia, because she always helping me for 2 days! Bazaar on Nomaden, I can find more friends with same passion and meet niu lovely customer! :D I was happy. See you on next bazaar!

#Days 3 @Bunkazai Udinus
Thanks for visited :D

Bunkazai Udinus! Japanese festival from Japanese faculty.
There are cosplay show, singing J-pop and J Rock, Dance, Ramen Competition and quis for High school.
I like looking cosplayer with cute costume :D *When i was elementary school, i love sailor moon and i dreaming became a sailor moon.... :D hahahahhaa.... ;))))
Nice bazaar! :D

3 Days Bazaar!!!!

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  1. hi aprilia...dr smg yaaa,aq jg..tp udh pindah ke sby..
    kyknya seruuu bgt bazaarnya,jd pgen pulang..hehee
    salam kenal yaaahh...