Jumat, 22 Juni 2012

Festival Rajut Semarang

Fashion show from cute children


Challenge from reading the pattern!

Yubiami Oye!

Tangkas merajut challenge

They was judging the challenge

Wow... we can find the visitors from other country

The winner from Reading Pattern

The winner from Tangkas Merajut

The winner from Yubiami Oye

Fashion Show for teen, red & blue ardi product by Lolypop

Fashion show for Hijabers!

Fashion show from adult

The tutor for Learning Crocheting & Yubiami

Yubiami Oyeee!

It's so crowded!

hmm... how can make this??

More laugh and smile:) because crocheting is so fun!

Yukkk learning together..

The Team

Helllooo... finally I can post my photo from Festival Rajut Semarang on Jun 17,2012...
This event was success! Visitors are very excited and enjoy the show... Some people was enthusiasm. It's really amazing and congratulation for the solid team!
See you on the next event from KARANG ( Komunitas Rajut Semarang)! hopefullythis event can be done annually... see ya :D

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