Rabu, 04 Juli 2012

Festival Rajut Indonesia IV

Hello Lolyy!! Welcome July! wow... This month is mid year from 2012. On first July, I went to Bandung for saw Festival Rajut Indonesia IV. hmmm... and then, i followed the fashion show :)
Goes to Fashion Show on FRI
After Show :)
There are my team from Semarang, C Firent, Te. Rina and Me :D
On stage
Photograph by Samuel. Thanks Sam for the great picts! :D Thanks to Te. Rina & Te. Hanita for preparing us and give us a spirit before the show.
This stage
Some visitors.
Yarn supplies, imported and local brand
I like the green root motif (poncho - 2nd from left)
Flower Garden make from rajuters all over Indonesia..
Flowery bag :)
Festival Rajut Indonesia IV was held on Balibur modern Market - Bandung. About 12 stand was selling the various product and supplies. I like this event because I can met with another people with the same hobby. But this festival didn't as grand as my imagined. Maybe lack of participants and less promotion. :( But overall is OK! I bought some fancy yarn from Tobucil and 1 stand that i can't remember this label :). hihihihi.... Hopefully in next year Indonesia can make this festival more lively and creative!


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  1. Wah bagus bangat sih...
    di Malaysia ngak ada pesta rajut macam gini.....