Sabtu, 01 Februari 2014

Happy Birthday Lolypop 5th

Hello Loly...
at 31th January 2014, Lolypop is turning to 5th years.
So excited because Lolypop still exist and always produce a cute and unique stuff, altough I must divide my time to be an good architect too. A good experince and i must think creatively to make Lolypop still exist, because now, so many online shop emerging and sells handmade product. I hope Lolypop can be creative, exist, have more friend, having moree customer, have a good service.... join many event (like bazaar) and serve foreign customer :)
Thank you to God because He always bless Lolypop....
Thank you to Lolypop teamwork... My mom always beside me.. My family.. My daddy who always read my blog :D My friend, thanks for supporting :)
and last My lovely customer.... i really love you.


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